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Pullorum Testing

Kristen Outten (Certification #A15-17) is a certified Pullorum Tester for the state of Virginia. 

What is Pullorum?
Salmonella Pullorum Typhoid (P-T) is a bacterial disease which can produce significant
mortalities in chicken, turkey and game bird flocks. Transmission occurs primarily
through the egg but also occurs via direct or indirect contact with infected birds and other means. Nearly all chicks with P-T die; those that survive become carriers and can infect their chicks.

Why do you need to test my birds for Pullorum?
  The most common reasons to test are when you wish to publicly exhibit poultry (such as shows/fairs) and for NPIP certification.  Most shows require proof of a negative Pullorum test performed within 90 days prior to the event date.  Additionally, when selling poultry at swaps or out of state, they may require proof that your birds are Pullorum-free.

How do you test for it?
A simple blood test is all that is required.  A small drop of blood is taken from under the wing of each bird and is then mixed with something called "antigen".  The antigen contains a killed form of the Pullorum virus, which when mixed with the blood, reacts within 2 minutes to produce a clumping of the blood of an infected bird.  If the bird tests negative, no clumping will appear and the bird is passed as Pullorum-Free.  The results are read and then recorded onto an official document that is sent to the state laboratory.  The birds each are assigned a numbered leg band and you receive a copy of the paperwork.  You must present your copy of the testing paperwork and have the leg bands on the birds when publicly displaying them at places such as shows and fairs.

Testing Locations/Fees

We are willing to test (when available) in areas within 1 hour of Stafford, Va 22556.  Fees are as follows:

Per bird-$1 per bird, up to 10 birds.  Flocks&NPIP certification (11+ birds) will be $25 for the first hour and $20 for each additonal hour-or portion of-thereafter.

Per mile-Add an additional $0.50 per mile charge if further than 20 miles from Stafford 22556.

Meeting us at shows or events-
We will gladly test for you at any of the events we attend. $1 per bird, up to 10 birds. We do not carry our supplies to every event so please contact us in advance to make arrangements.