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We are a small farm that incubates our own eggs. 
Due to this, availability will vary.

♥  ♥ All photos are of our actual animals/birds and are copyrighted property of Kristen M. Outten.  Use without permission is illegal.  ♥ ♥

Partridge Silkie
Best Variety winner

Requests to be put on the waiting list can be made via our contact section.  Please specify the breed and quantity.  You will be notified by phone or email when your chicks are ready.

Year round&Custom hatching

We hatch year round and offer custom hatching.  This means that we are willing to do hatches specific to your request when room allows.  We do require that you pre-pay for the chicks and will refund, if necessary, after the hatch is complete should we not be able to fulfill your order.  Refunds WILL NOT be given on canceled orders.  We happily accept Paypal, checks, or cash. For more information, please contact us.

Farm Fresh Eggs&Hatching Eggs

  • Farm Fresh Eggs $3 doz
    Prices vary between breeds and availability.  Please contact me with the name of the breed(s) you are interested in and the quantity of eggs desired for a quote.

Our Breeds

We ship eggs, juvenile, and adult birds throughout the US but we will not ship during extreme weather conditions.

 ♥ ♥Our birds are bred according to the APA&ABA Standard♥ ♥ ♥
(Partridge Silkie chick on left and juvenile chick far right)

*Partridge Silkies*
This breed can be difficult to accurately sex.  
As my fellow "peeps" put it, until "it crows or lays an egg", you can't be 100% sure.

Silkies are extremely docile, friendly, and make wonderful pets as well as starter show birds for young children.  Their feathers lack functioning barbicels, thus similar to down on other birds, and leave Silkies unable to really fly.  The overall results is a soft, fluffy appearance.  While they are cute and cuddly, Silkies are not known for production and generally only lay an egg every few days.

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Pic&Info coming soon 

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*Easter Eggers*
One the most unique crossbreeds with muffs and a beard.  The hens will lay a blue, bluish-green, or "pink" egg.  Our pen consists of multiple colors of true Ameraucanas and Ameraucana mixes.  They are very affectionate and friendly-perfect for families wanting chickens as pets and breakfast producers.

(RIR chicks and juvenile chick)

*Rhode Island Reds*
Rhode Island Reds are large, brown egg laying heritage birds just like Grandma used to have.  Very dependable layers, friendly, and hardy.  RIRs are a dual purpose bird raised for both meat and eggs.  One of our personal favorites.
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*Golden Lakenvelders*
A very rare color in chickens with their gorgeous, deep black and bright yellow feathers.  Lakenvelders are listed as a "Threatened" breed according to the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.  These make for a striking exhibition bird, sure to stand out in any crowd.

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*B/B/S Polish*
Our pen consists of a White Crested Blue rooster over White Crested Black hens.  Rooster took Reserve Breed at one of our state shows.  Polish are very gentle, friendly, and energetic. Great layers of medium to large size white eggs and a fun addition to any flock.
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(la Fleche chick and cock)

(hen and cockerel)
*Bantam la Fleche*
A VERY rare French breed with both the hens and the roosters having "V" combs giving them the appearance of horns.  la Fleche are very active, curious, and friendly.  Extremely hardy birds-ours prefer to sleep outdoors on their perch even during snowstorms as you can see in the photo above.

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Black Spanish turkeys

Currently unavailable

Pekin Ducks